CS Undergraduate Work

This list collects the code that I wrote at George Fox. Some of the code in these files can be reused in other applications, and sometimes its just useful to have examples to be able to reference later.

All compressed packages use WinZip.

Each file lists the programming language that was used. In order to compile and run the files, you will need a compiler for the appropriate language. None of the files are compiled executables. Also, no guarantees that any of these files acutally work.

CSIS 201 - Introduction to Computer Science ICSIS 202 - Introduction to Computer Science IICSIS 310 - Data Structures and File ProcessingCSIS 314 - Client Server SystemsCSIS 330 - Computer GraphicsCSIS 340 - Database SystemsCSIS 350 - Data Communications and NetworkingCSIS 360 - Computer Architecture and Assembly LanguageCSIS 430 - Analysis of AlgorithmsCSIS 440 - Artifical IntelligenceCSIS 450 - Network AdministrationCSIS 460 - Operating SystemsCSIS 471/472 - Senior System Development I/IICSIS 485 - Advanced Object Oriented Programming
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